Peacock Tail Mandala: new shape for an old pattern

Two weeks ago I showed you the colors of Cahlista yarn* I chose for a new project. It took more time than I expected, but I have been playing with peacock shades almost every (night) day, and new pattern is almost here. Basically it’s not a brand new pattern but a shape transformation of Peacock Tail bag. If you joined me for the CAL back in 2016 you might have recognized at once the pattern and the colors, too. And if you didn’t make the bag, then you might like the mandala shape.
Peacock Tail Mandala_free overlay crochet pattern by

I naively believed it would be very easy to adapt the pattern to the full circle. But I was wrong. I told several times already that Peacock Tail Bag pattern is one of the most advanced I have ever designed. Not because it’s tricky to follow, but because it was not so straightforward for designing. The stitches of a background didn’t want to cooperate and tended to tilt all the time. And instead of a small adaptation I needed to rewrite the pattern from a scratch. And to change placement of most of the stitches.
Peacock Tail Mandala_free overlay crochet pattern by

My mandala turned to be quite big. It’s approx. 62cm/24.5” across and I think it will make a wonderful floor pillow. I still need to crochet the back and write down the instructions, but front mandala pattern is already in test with wonderful Hilde of Road Rash, my angel who is always ready to help. She has chosen some fresh and spring-ish colors, and I can’t wait to see how her finished mandala will look (no doubt it will be very neat and gorgeous).

Peacock Tail Mandala_free overlay crochet pattern by

I am not sure I can find a ready pillow foam in the same matching size, so I will probably have to sew one myself. Luckily I have almost half a kilo of stuffing… Maybe not enough to make the pillow firm, but still enough to show you the finished pillow next week.
Peacock Tail Mandala_free overlay crochet pattern by

I should also give you a small update on Cahlista yarn. I wrote a short review about it HERE. The yarn seemed quite stiff in skeins, but because it has almost no twist, the finished fabric turned out very soft and draping. And I am sure it will become even softer after the wash. So I should reconsider my skeptical idea about using Cahlista for garments. It will probably work well for a sturdy and heavy coat, or jacket.

Cahlista yarn is available in Scheepjes local stores as well as at Wool Warehouse* and Black Sheep Wools* (both in UK with international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL) and Knotty House* (Canada).

I am back to swatching and pattern writing. And hope to bring you Peacock Tail Mandala pattern next week.

UPDATE: free pattern is available HERE.

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  1. Hola, como estas, ya tienes el patrón disponible ?

  2. Thank you for your help so far on this pattern. I'm used to having a grid pattern to refer to when I can't figure something out. Can you tell me what a modified tr4tog is? Can you write the steps, like;
    Yo 2 times
    Insert hook....etc.
    I know how to do a tr3tog, I'm confused about what modified means. Thanks again!


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